Our RV Home

2018 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40AP

This page is dedicated to our motorhome. I’ll keep manuals, information, reference material and any modifications that I do.

Floor Plan

We have the optional L-shaped couch which we love. Also we left the recliner chair at home, this gives us a place for the dogs water and bowls.



  • Cummins ISL I6 8.9L Diesel
  • Cylinders 6
  • Horsepower 450 hp @ 2,100 RPM
  • Torque 1,250 ft-lbs. @ 1,400 RPM
  • Displacement 9 litres
  • Fuel Injected
  • Turbocharged
  • Tiffin Powerglide Chassis


  • Allison 3000MH 6 Speed Automatic


  • Length 40.92 ft. (491 in.)
  • Width 8.42 ft. (101 in.)
  • Height 12.58 ft. (151 in.)
  • Interior Height 7 ft. (84 in.)
  • Wheelbase 23 ft. (276 in.)

2018 Tiffin Allegro Bus

Chassis/Engine/Transmission Manuals

Other Coach Manuals

All Other Manuals


  • Portable EMS-PT50X RV Surge & Electrical Protector
  • CoachProxy
  • Waste Master conversion from bayonet to cam lock system for black/grey tank hose
  • Added an 120v electrical receptacle in the walk in closet for the electronics (Synology NAS, switch and wireless router)
  • Added Amazon FireTV
  • Added RF Mogul Satellite Antenna
  • Using Dish Network Hopper 3 which allows us to record on 16 channels at one time and it holds 2000 hours of recording.
  • SureCall Fusion4Home Cell Phone Signal Booster and Ubiquiti Bullet M 2.4 GHz Titanium / L-COM HGV-2409U ANTENNA, OMNI, 2.4GHZ all attached to a Tarheel Lift & Lay Antenna Mount.

Other Information