Wilderness Lakes Campground Menifee CA Feb/Mar 2020

We’re back at Wilderness Lakes RV and Campground to visit Rob, Candace and Ryder before heading east to a family reunion at the end of May. We had a great time visiting and were also able to go do some sightseeing.


We visited with Rob the Motte Historical Museum which has a lot of history of the surrounding area including Perris, Romoland and Menifee. They have a lot of restored cars that the family owned. Find out more about the museum HERE!

We also had time to visit Maria who I worked with at West Valley Radiology just before joining the Navy. She was one of the radiology technician while I worked the darkroom. It has been well over 35 years since we last saw each other and it was so great to get together and talk about our time together and what has pasted over the last 35 plus years.

We also found my grandparents Frank and Ione’s home that I use to visit when I was very young. My grandfather built it and they lived in it for most of their lives. Of course it doesn’t look too much like it did back then. We also meet the new owners who know my grandfather and my uncle who sold it to them. They allowed us to go inside to look around.