Last Day at Fiesta Grande

Our time at Fiesta Grande has come to an end. It turned out to be a really nice place. Our spot across the street form the dog runs was perfect for us. The lots were very large so your not on top of your neighbors. I was really surprised yesterday while sitting outside catching up on videos when Petunia  showed up and walked right pass me, it surprised me, but she just gave me a quick glance and kept right on going to the dog runs.

Our last mission was to visit the museum of Casa Grande. We didn’t know that there was so much history in the area. We really like learning about the surrounding that we stay at. The church was started in 1926 and finished in 1928, all the rock we brought by the women in the community from many miles out and the masons would add them to the building. The building is no longer used as a church, but it’s still in pristine original condition. Oh and that bar…perfect for my next house?


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