Fiesta Grande RV Resort in Casa Grande AZ

Fiesta Grande RV Resort was our next stop on our journey south. We’re only here for 5 days before moving to the Verde Valley area. This resort is part of the Thousand Trails/Encore resorts which we are members so it’s no cost to us to stay here. It’s a really nice place with very large lots, nice dog run areas and very friendly neighbors. We’re parked just a short distance from the dog runs, one of the club houses and pickle ball courts. The weather has been great upper 60’s to lower 70’s, so much nice then the single digits we had in SLC some nights.

Maggie and Bily meeting new friends.

In SLC trying to keep warm was a challenge but the bus has several ways to keep us warm. The first is three roof top heat pumps, the only issue with these as they don’t work be below 35 degrees. Next we have heated floors, very nice radiating heat, then there’s the fireplace which I think is 5k BTU, but keeps the front of the bus warm. And then finally the AquaHot system which is a diesel burned that heats our endless hot water, can be used to heat the engine in extreme cold but also it heats propylene glycol that then circulates to small heat exchanges around the bus and blows out warm air. So using a combination of these we did keep warm.

So back to Fiesta Grande, its centrally located in Casa Grande which makes it a great place to get provisions for our next stop which is more remote. We’ll be doing some bingo, coffee and donuts and other social activities, so until the next post, stay warm!