Lake Havasu, Larry and Luann Oh My!

Well our time with the Larry and Luann has come to an end. We leave for Verde Valley RV Resort located in the Coconino National Forest on Saturday. We had such a great time with Larry and Luann in Lake Havasu City, Arizona it was sad to see it end. We had not seen them since their wedding in 2016. We ate at as many different places we could find from a deep fried Monte Cristo sandwich to a great Ribeye steak, spent time on the lake with a boat ride to the copper canyon and in the casino on the California side, we only lost 1 dollar! We had a Wii bowling tournament in which we all won, no one lost as it was a great time for all!

The truck seems to be working just fine. I did check it out every 50 miles or so, but no issues at all. So that big issue is now behind us, we’re moving north towards SLC for the holidays with family and friends.


London Bridge and Juicy’s, one of the best places to eat!

Worlds Best Bowlers!

Losing hard earned cash and new friends Skip and Clista Curtis, look him up here, he had some amazing Vietnam war stories.