Verde Valley RV Resort, Cottonwood AZ

Well after juggling around a broken truck and meeting family in Lake Havasu we made it to Valley Verde! We started with a 3 week reservation and ended up with 3 days it was not nearly enough, we will be back! It was such a great place. We did get to Prescott to do our Costco shopping. This area of Arizona is 180 degrees from the Phoenix area. We could live here no problem. The hills, trees, lots of empty land with the homes spread out and a small population. One thing I did notice is that most everyone obeyed the speed limit, really, almost everyone, this didn’t include me of course. Just the opposite of Utah.

I did finally get to try out our new Traeger Ranger Smoker! I had some beef ribs that we we’re dying to try. Boy did they turn out great! And the smoker is perfect for full timing families.

We’re headed back to SLC for the holidays with friends and family.