Verde Valley, Cottonwood, AZ May 2021

We stated our 2021 trip at Verde Valley, AZ one of our favorite campgrounds and areas to explore and its only a couple of hours away from our home in Casa Grande, AZ, in case we forgot something we couldn’t live without or had to go back for some unforeseen reason. But neither happened.

We were joined by our friends Mike and Diane, who also reside in Casa Grande and had a great time here as we did the Pink Jeep Tour, the Verde Canyon Railroad ride and the Out of Africa park. The only issue we had our in our stay was the wind was a constant issue only letting up a for a few days here and there.

The Pink Jeep Tour we went on was the Broken Arrow tour in Sedona area. ( We had such a great time and not having to drive let us view and experience even more. JoAnn had a hard time hanging on sometimes and bounced between me and the other guests. The views and rock formations were pretty spectacular and our driver was very knowledgeable and talkative. Overall we would do it again but take one of the other tours they offer.

We did the Verde Canyon Railroad ( ride again as Mike and Diane had not been and it was a few years ago for us and we did enjoy it the first time. It has actually has gotten a bit better as they have done upgrades at the station and in the coaches. I was able to see a few baby eagles in their black feathers and Mike found the hidden gnome. He took a lot of video and back at camp reviewed it all in slow motion to find the elusive gnome.

We had seen and driven by the Out of Africa park in Camp Verde ( many times over the years but never stopped and visited until this trip. We had a really good time here and didn’t realize that it had been here for over 20 years. We walked a lot of the park but also took the SuperMog Adventure Tour which the park guides narrates throughout your Serengeti tour, which includes a trip through the park preserves, up-close to the animals and even stopping for the guide to feed the lions and tigers.

Old town cottonwood was a great place to spend an evening finding new restaurants and breweries to try.

We didn’t have any issues with the motorhome nor forget anything important so we didn’t have to make a trip back home and we moved on to our next adventure at Hill AFB in Utah.