The Nethercutt Museum

JoAnn and I spent some time at this museum and this is the best automotive museum we have ever seen and if you are ever in the Sylmar area or in southern California or in California you have to see it, it’s that good. You’ll see some of the best restorations and one of a kind automobiles in the world with the awards to back it up. For me it was the 1931 Bugatti Type 51 right up front and center when you walk in. We also found our next car and trailer, take a look below! It was pretty overwhelming and we will in the fall as we travel south for the winter stop again but this time to visit The Nethercutt Collection which is in another building and you have to have reservations for this one. It has another 50 historic automobiles but also the worlds finest assemblage of mechanical musical instrument, go here ( for more information.