On The Road Again!

Well we’re back on the ROAD!!!!!! Both of us are in good health and longing for the warmer weather. We are currently in Palm Dessert Thousand Trails RV Resort and enjoying the sun and warm weather.

We have meet some great friends during our stay, lets see there is John and Nancy form Washington and Larry and Jenny from Ohio, oh and Jenny’s parent who are traveling with them for a few months.  Best yet, their all in Tiffin motorhome, so lots to talk about not that it matters its just something in common we can talk about.

We did have time to eat at a couple of the local burger joints and found two of the best, Grindhouse Burgers and Grill-A-Burger, both were very good and would have a hard choice to pick a winner.

We did spend a day at Joshua Tree National Park and had a great time learning about the area. Did you know that palm trees live between 100 and 125 years but the Joshua tree can top out at 1,000 but average 500 or so! And that there is a Colorado desert? Yep, the California’s Colorado Desert is a part of the larger Sonoran Desert. It encompasses approximately 7 million acres, including the heavily irrigated Coachella and Imperial valleys. I just thought it was all Mojave desert, but the Mojave is only 2.8 million acres.

Well next we’re headed to Wilderness Lakes Thousand Trails Campground in Menifee in a few days to spend some time with our son Rob and his family before heading east to Arizona, New Mexico and on to Texas for a family reunion late in May. But again its great to be back on the road!