Kill Bill and Whats That Tune?

Today we did some more sightseeing, this time in Lancaster. We stopped by the “Kill Bill” church out in the middle of nowhere. It’s a real church that is in use but they will let you rent it to make movies in, yea not sure if anyone would use it again. They now have no trespassing signs all over and have a run down stake truck parked in front so to interrupt any good photos.

We then when to the “Musical Road” which was quite interesting and fun. Originally designed and constructed by Honda as part of an advertising campaign. The roads feature intermittent grooves similar to rumble strips found on highways, the grooves are spaced so that a series of pitches play when a car drives over them at around 55 mph. It was designed to replicate the finale of William Tell Overture. That was really pretty cool idea and it works well. We did it three times!