Idyllwild Coming to a Close

Well after two days of rain and snow we finally got to go out for an afternoon. We walked around the Idyllwild town center, if you have ever been to Jackson Hole its very similar. Someone had mentioned that Jo’An’s’ was the place to try for a good meal, sadly it was bought and closed late last year so we stopped at the Red Kettle. The Red Kettle is the oldest restaurant in Idyllwild. We got there just before it closed at 2pm, nice working hours.  We walked around a bit more before heading back as we have to get the home ready for traveling tomorrow. We are going to Lake Havasu to meet up with Larry and Luann. Should be good times!

We did get a lot of projects done during our stay. I was able to get the GPS picture to the front TV so JoAnn can help navigate while keeping the dogs entertained.


I also got the Wii working so we can do some motorhome bowling! Jo-Ann worked on getting some drawers and cabinets organized, something that was badly needed as we tried to stuff as much as possible into the motorhome before leaving SLC, not a pretty sight.

Oh and we got the truck back!!! Seems to be working just fine. So nice to have your own vehicle back. We got tired of three different rental cars, from a minivan to a mini car to a midsize sedan. We missed the truck sooooo much.