Everyone Can Help!

Please find ways to help the Ukrainian people in their time of need. I have booked 4 days with Airbnb in Kyiv and have helped raise over 2 Million dollars.

If we let this brutal dictator roll over the peaceful people of Ukraine, are we really safe? And can we call ourselves Americans, if we just stand by and watch on TV? We cannot live our lives in a bubble and turn our backs on the rest of the world.

As you are now witnessing, we live in a global world, where something happens on the other side affects our daily lives. I’m willing to pay more for gas if it results in Russia’s economy collapsing and shortening this war.

I don’t wish the Russian people any physical harm but the indiscreet killing in Ukraine has to stop.

I spend 24 years in the Cold War holding the USSR at bay, now they are advancing again. Time to stop the Russian leadership.


Please find a way.