OK, Time to Catchup!

New Ride & Dwarf Car Museum (Dec 2021)

A few years ago we sold our Harley and Suzuki and have been bike less since. Now that we have a place to store a bike and scheduled bike rides every week it was time. We wanted something different then the 2 wheel bikes of the past, so this time we purchased a CanAm Spyder RT. If your not familiar with these, they are 3 wheel motorcycles with 2 wheels up front. Its very, very comfortable for both JoAnn and I, of course has all the bells and whistles.

CanAm Spyder RT

So this past December we headed out with the group to ride to the Dwarf Car Museum in Maricopa, AZ. If you have not seen these hand built cars go to your favorite video site and do a search. The best video is the one by Dennis Gage, he drives several of the cars and was very impressed! All the cars and boats below are 5/8 scaled of real cars. He has 2 in the back that they are now building. He builds the bodies out of junk metal, mostly from old refrigerators. The baby blue coupe he has driven across the country. They run mainly on small Toyota 4 cylinder engines, transmissions and cut down frames and suspension.