Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area – 19 July 2019

We spent the day at the beach with the dogs. We went to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area that has 40 miles of beaches.  There are large sand dunes which are designated for the Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) area where you can drive ATV’s, motorcycles, dune buggy’s, etc. on the huge sand dunes rising more then 500 feet above the ocean shore. On the other side is the beaches, so there is areas set aside for both. Oregon doesn’t have a lot of areas where homes are built on the beach that restrict access.

We stopped at Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, this is the first time our dogs have been to a beach. This beach was pretty deserted so we were able to let them off leash and let them run wild. Bily didn’t mind the waves, but Maggie doesn’t take to any water very well. Oregon beaches are beautiful and pretty empty.