Richardson Grove RV Resort, Garberville CA

This stop was at an Resort Parks International (RPI) property. We had a week to kill before meeting Jo-Ann’s family at Trinity lake but we needed to stay nearby and there are no Thousand Trails parks near Trinity Lake. We did meet our neighbor, Larry, who is in a 5th wheel and has been at the park for about a year. He wants to go traveling but just needs a push to get going, its a big step but once you take it, it’s very liberating. He did cook us some ribs on the 4th which were great!

On the way to Garberville town center to pick up some supplies we did encounter our first Big Foot sighting, we couldn’t help but stop to get a picture before he disappeared again!

But wait, it gets better! Low and behold he travels with the Travelocity gnome, who knew!! He is much bigger then he appears on TV.

We did find the One Log House, a 1900+ Year-old Redwood tree hand-carved into a tiny home. Makes our motorhome look like a palace!

And next door is the Grandfather tree.