Lake of the Springs, Oregon House, CA (12 to 15 June 2020)

On our way north we stopped by another Thousand Trails campground that we have been to before but on of our favorites. This time just for a few short days, we ended up at site D-67 which is up on the hill near the entrance to the park.

For the past few stopped we have had issues with our rear passenger slide. This slide is controlled by LCI Schwintek electric in-wall slide-out system. The front slides are hydraulic slides which I love, not so much with the the Schwintek electric slides.  The problem was the slide would go out but would not go in all the way, a few times we were able to use the override systems, but soon even that failed and the slide stuck out about 8 inches. It looked funny but once the electric motors stop there is no way to move the slide so it was safe to drive. We did get a few helpful motorist on the freeways letting us know our slide was coming out. I just waved and smiled and gave them a thumbs up.

So while at this short stop I did some troubleshooting. I tested the controller which turned out to be OK, next the motor itself was good, so that left the wiring. So on to tearing apart the bedroom bed as this is where the wiring goes under before heading south to the basement area where the controllers are. That when I found the spaghetti  mess of wiring. Seems the motors come with about 30 feet of wiring, Tiffin doesn’t cut the wire to fit, they just fold the extra in a mess on the floor. What I saw was as the bed moved back and forth it rubbed against the wire and soon it shorted out the wires. So I cut the bad areas out, shortening the wire by about 20 feet and the slide came back to life!

So goes the life on the road. There’s always something to fix, maintenance to do, but the positives outweigh the negatives even in these times.